In January 2018, California’s Food and agriculture department, which also regulates cannabis (the CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing Division), launched the state’s track and trace system, the METRC California.

Metrc is a software application which was established to keep track of the distribution of cannabis by sellers across the distribution trail.

The CCT Metrc (Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting Compliance) works by using UID tags (these are unique identifiers) that help report and monitor “the seed to sale distribution”. UID tags are used to bring into knowledge the cannabis products and plants using the commercial cannabis licensed distribution chain.  

The Metrc System constitutes web services, a mobile application for site inspection and industry use, and a web application.

To stay compliant with California’s Cannabis Track and Trace System, METRC cannabis business owners can use the cannabis dispensary inventory management system. Here are the five steps that are to be followed when working with a cannabis inventory tracking system.

Step 1: An annual license Application to be submitted

If you are a business owner and a cannabis inventory management software is what you are going to be working with, you will need first need to submit an annual license application. Once you have submitted the form to your respective licensing authority, you will receive a confirmation notice.

The notice holds all the important instructions you will need when registering for a CCT Account Manager New Business Training.

Step 2:  Register and Complete CCTT-METRC Account Manager New Business System Training

Your selected account manager will work for the CCTT Account manager New Business System Training. Once this is completed, an annual license will be issued. Only after this will be the account manager be able to access the CCTT-METRC system.

Step 3: Requesting Plant or Package UID Tags

Once your cannabis business is granted access to the CCT Metrc System, this system will be used by the account manager to request the UID Tags. Tagged inventory in Metric contains two types, plants and packages.

Step 4: Documenting a physical receipt of request UID tags

Before the UID Tags can be used to assign cannabis products, they must be documented as “received” in the CCT-METRC System. Every plant and package is to be labeled with the corresponding UID.

Step 5: Assigning UID tags to Cannabis products and Plants


  • If you have a temporary license, you will not be provided access to Metrc report and will need to apply the UID tags to all the cannabis products and plants on the licensed premises to report supply chain activity.
  • Those with a permanent license must have the UID tags assigned and reported in the respective Metrc system after the effective date of their annual license.

So, what is exactly going to be traced in the Metrc? 

UID tags assigned to each cannabis plant and product help authorities track the order date, license number, facility name, a scannable barcode identifying the plant number, a tag order date, and an application identifier.

These are just essential steps to get you started with your Cannabis business running smoothly in compliance with the Metrc, for more information please check here :

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