Simplifying operations and procurement between restaurants, bars, sales reps, and the brands associated with them

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Our platform allows you to

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Discover the smart and innovative platform that increases efficiency and optimizes profitability in the Food & Beverage industry.

(for Restaurants, Bars, Distributors, and Suppliers)


Reduces amount of time managers and reps spend sending multiple messages and emails to each other by storing all communications in one centralized place

Appointment Scheduling

Allows reps to effortlessly schedule appointments with managers, thus saving them enormous amounts of time they currently waste waiting around to speak with them.

Deals (Coming Soon!)

Provides restaurants and bars access to product deals that are exclusive to KÉXY members only.

(for Restaurants and Bars)

Built for Both Front & Back of the Houses

Communicate, track, and manage inventory between users within milliseconds on any device.

One-Click Inventory and Ordering

Reduce the amount of time spent having to send multiple messages and emails to various sales reps

Employee Scheduling

Allows seamless communication of employee availability, time off, trade requests, and notifications to all staff members.

Identify Unnecessary Waste

Our platform uses proprietary algorithms that analyzes your buying habits and compares them with your sales data, so that you can operate in a “lean” manner.

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KÉXY increases your profits, saves you time, and allows you to operate more efficiently.

Restaurants & Bars
Restaurants & Bars

Our innovative platform improves transparency and streamlines communication between Restaurants, Bars, Distribution Companies, and the Brands associated with them. Reduce your costs by allowing our technology to identify potential purchase opportunities that align with your budgetary goals.


Reach your target audience and create brand awareness 24 hours a day by viewing, posting, and negotiating deals in real time. Our platform provides you with better exposure to key decision makers, which leads to increased sales.


Our innovative messaging tool connects you to all of your accounts on an unprecedented level. No more having to send and track multiple messages and emails from numerous managers. Boost your sales and increase your bottom-line by advertising specials and targeted offerings on an individual or group basis.

How much time and money can my business save with KÉXY?

At KÉXY, we strive to help companies and individuals operate more intelligently. To do this, we combine our extensive market research with data and analytics in order to help you make better business decisions with confidence.

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KÉXY was created by people from hospitality and retail industries who were tired of seeing companies waste time and money by operating inefficiently.

The name KÉXY comes from the Greek word “kainotomo” and “exypno” which means “innovative” and “smart”.

At KÉXY, our main focus is to provide innovative products and services that allow companies to operate smarter.

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