KÉXY ROI Calculator

By integrating KÉXY into your daily business operations, not only will you be saving labor costs by operating more efficiently; you will free up valuable time for your managers to focus effort and time on things that are going to add better value to your business.

1. How many hours per week does your staff spend (collectively) on inventory and ordering responsibilities?

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What’s inventory?
I’m over it!

2. What is the average hourly rate of all employees doing this work? ?
For Example
Employee #1 ($20/hour)
Employee #2 ($15/hour)
Employee #3 ($10/hour)
$45 ÷ 3 employees = $15 per hour  

3. What is the total monthly cost of any applications or services you use to conduct your inventory and ordering tasks?

4. What is opportunity cost of having to do these things, rather than growing the business or interacting with guests? (Hint: Our research shows an avg of $500/month)


Your savings using KÉXY


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