Do you have any plans to start up a cannabis business? Do you have an existing store and want to make more profit from it? If your answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, then you need to assess yourself.

Sometimes, you may think that success has a secret best known to a few retailers. But, you need to know that some little factors determine failure and success, and no one is limited to them. All you just need to succeed is to know how to work well in different areas. If you do not perform well, then you may be preparing yourself for failure.

In this article, we are going to share with you some of the wrongdoings of some cannabis dispensaries that fail. We will also talk about the qualities that make other dispensaries succeed.

Lack of Empathy in Bad Retailers

Successful businesses know everything about their customers. Get ready to fail if you cannot put yourself in the shoes of your customers. But, if you show empathy to your clients/customers, they will always remember your brand.

A lot of retailers may have high-quality cannabis products to sell in their store, but may not look into their customer experience. You may be selling top-quality products at a good rate, but other things can make your customers have a bad shopping experience. Some of them are:

  • No means of parking
  • No orderly and consistent personality in the décor
  • Long lines
  • When a customer feels that the location of your store is not safe
  • No good products as advertised on your website
  • Bad customer service

Good Empathizers Succeed

This is not the case with successful cannabis dispensaries. They put their customers’ satisfaction ahead of theirs. They always want their customers to feel loved by considering them in all things. When the customers remember how they were served, they will be moved to come back, and this helps to succeed.

Lack of Vision in Bad Retailers

Vision is common among successful retailers. They know everything about themselves, including the services they will provide, where they are going to, and who they are in general. Once they know all these, they will be set for success.

Therefore, you must know your reasons for opening the business and the services that you would like to offer the public. For example, you may enter into the cannabis industry because you want to provide the public with the medicinal qualities of hemp. Just ensure that you clearly state your goals.

Another area that needs to be given attention is the stakeholders in your store. Make sure that you all have the same goal. Sometimes partners in a store may have diverse goals without even knowing it, and if this happens, it will be hard for the business to stand strong.

Good Retailers Learn Constantly

The cannabis market evolves rapidly. As the regulations change, so also will the consumer trends. Successful retailers will always learn and will never stop learning so that they can be on the moving train.

Ensure that you are well familiar with your whole regulations. This will make it possible for you to adapt to any situation. You should also know the consumer trends so that you can serve them better.


With these tips, you can kick-start your cannabis business and head into success. If you have already been into the business, you can use this article to make the needed adjustment and notice the turnover in your store.

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